XIII Legion
God Sends Us Where His Angels Fear To Go


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Eric Gardner was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was raised in a military family and lived all across the United States and on several military installations overseas. With a deep-rooted upbringing in the military, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a U.S. Army Infantry Officer after earning his degree in Pennsylvania.

After serving with distinction in the military, Eric left the Army and became a Military Spouse and Stay-At-Home father, while his wife of sixteen years continued to serve as an Active Duty Officer and Combat Veteran. Together they continue to move around the world as they raise their two young daughters and Eric continues to pursue his passion for writing.

His interest in creative writing propelled him to craft The Thirteenth Legion Series. Drawing on his life experiences, he produced this powerful work of fiction. Posting the first installments on the literary web site Wattpad, Eric built his reader base for fourteen months. During that time it received well over a million reads, and was named one of the most-read books for the site. Enthusiasts of multiple genres have all praised each book from the Thirteenth Legion Series as amazing pieces of work and are anxious for more.


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