XIII Legion
God Sends Us Where His Angels Fear To Go


The damned fight to topple the Gates of Heaven.

The Morning Star, once the most beloved being in all the Cosmos has rotted with jealousy since the creation of man. This twisted soul, ravaged by vile hatred seethes with venomous plots to reign over creation for all eternity. Legions of Fallen Angels march under his banner bolstered by the power of darkness. Now, at the threshold of the final battle between the forces of light and dark, Mankind has been summoned to stand with the Legions of Angelic Warriors — 144,000 Saints, the Thirteenth Legion, bears the burden for all of humanity. Only God knows if the summoning of the Thirteenth Legion will be enough to vanquish the advancing torrent of evil that is set to devour the Gates of Heaven.

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5 out of 5 stars!
Great Story Teller
Great book and once you start reading it you will want to finish and start the next. Truly enjoyable!!
— John Besmehn

Evil comes in many forms. Gabriel Willis missed the warning signs of its imminent arrival. As a result, blood, pain and misery are now his unwanted companions. A loving father, devoted husband, and former soldier, he no longer leads a normal life. After being arrested, falsely accused of terrorism and tortured, he discovers his family has been kidnapped. The madman responsible has handed him the complicated task of traveling halfway around the world to the mountains of Afghanistan. There he must find Othia and return with her, or his family will die.

 A brilliant archaeologist, Othia has unearthed a secret truth hidden deep beneath the sands of an ancient Afghan village. A truth that will alter the lives of hundreds of thousands- including Gabriel and Othia.

 Left with an impossible decision, Gabriel must choose; fulfill his destiny or risk the destruction of humanity. With the weight of the world upon him, Gabriel struggles to answer the impossible question- When should a father and husband place the needs of the many above the needs of his precious few.

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For the uninitiated who discover the dark goals of the puppet masters of the world, only one option remains—RUN! Gabriel, Othia and Samantha have a single focus, escape Europe and make it back to the United States. A daunting task that seems impossible, considering what hunts them. Yet even the ultra-powerful cannot stop the change from coming. Employing ancient unholy rituals, they hide in the peripheral of humanity, manipulating the masses for their barbaric goals. Their tremulous grasp on control is slipping and veteran police detective Stephen James finds his fate intertwined with Gabriel’s as he’s shown the true definition of horror. His family’s freedom is his only goal, yet Gabriel discovers that seldom do human desires align with destiny. With the truth becoming clearer every day, he captures a glimpse into what his life is destined to become—and it is terrifying! Harried, wounded and lost...a single false step could seal the fate of not only Gabriel’s family, but that of all mankind.

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Five Stars!
Even better than the first book. Full of intrigue and suspense. Can’t wait to read book 3
— M. Frola


Promises of peace, stability and happiness are lies...war is coming. The thin veil that separates the demonic hordes from humanity has torn open. For Gabriel and his small group their race from Afghanistan is nearing its end. However, darkness and fate will not give up so easily. Even though Gabriel cannot see what evil lurks around the next corner he knows that ultimately all great moments are born of sacrifice. Meanwhile, in the quiet reaches of the American Northwest, Detective James must solve a string of ritualistic murders before they kill again. His moral conviction driven to the edge of sanity by the brutality perpetrated on the innocent has given him a clear conscious to do what is necessary once he finds the perpetrators. Justice dances with revenge as the devil plays on. The cabal known as the Assembled moves closer to open domination of mankind as global chaos takes hold with the arrival of a demonic envoy. However, two compromising factors still linger. Gabriel Willis, and Othia Morgan must die. Their twisted faith to see the dark deed through will shred the very fabric of our reality. Humanities end is inevitable, only the hour of our demise is debatable.

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The first of the legion have been called. What will they find when they arrive? With their personal worlds destroyed, Gabriel, Othia, and Samantha must continue on their journey. An undertaking that marks the final moments of mankind’s existence. Despair unravels Gabriel’s mind. The voices, nightmares, and unspeakable things in the shadows are all too real. His human frailty, fear and uncertainty feed the hell fires that threaten to consume us all. The Assembled still thirst for Gabriel’s blood. As Cincaid intensifies her hunt for her illusive prey—utilizing both conventional and other worldly means. Uther continues to manipulate the global scene, as death’s relentless march nears its final steps. Humanity faces certain slaughter where each of us must choose—will we stand and fight for our eternity our wait for the butchers’ blade on our knees?

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