XIII Legion
God Sends Us Where His Angels Fear To Go
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The Legion Creed

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L: Legendary is my calling.

I have been chosen by Christ. My actions must be a beacon for humanity. A flame in the darkness inextinguishable by the lies of Satan.

E: Eternal salvation is now my birthright.

Lost once through the folly of man, I protect the covenant with the Son and the throne of the Father. Let the fate of humanity rest on my shoulders, for I am one of many and will prevail.

G: God is my touchstone.

Through him, I will possess the moral strength to stand with my brothers and sisters. I will always keep my mind, body, and equipment at the ready, forever adherent to the call of battle.

I: I stand firmly entrenched at the crest of the abyss, my soul purified, my vision cleared, and my hand steady.

Never shall I leave a fallen comrade. I shall charge the ranks of the fallen, my conviction in faith, a rally point for others to follow.

O: Obediently will I accomplish all tasks set before me.

My trust shall rest in God and the leaders appointed above me. Humility and integrity are my watch words. The taint of the fallen will never take root in my soul.

N: Never shall I accept the presence of sin.

Fill my soul, Father, for I am your willing servant. The lies of the great deceiver will be crushed under my boot, for I am a warrior of the legion.


Eric Gardner