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Core Values For Leaders Within The Legion

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Below is the note which was crafted by Seraph Gabriel Willis and given to his newly appointed Commanders:

We among the ranks of the saints must strive to be deserving of the gifts we have been given.   Legionaries under our charge must be given the opportunity to learn both in training and in the face of the hordes of the damned.  Each of us is constantly building upon the mantel of the leadership we have been blessed with; always a disciple as well as a mentor.  Be strong in the basics so you can build a solid foundation in those whom you lead.  Qualities in which leaders must possess in their own nature and cultivate in that of their subordinates are as follows:

Be Faithful:  Above all things we must be beacons of faith in the Father and the legion. Alternate opinions are not a sign of dissention; however any displayed act of disloyalty should be identified and corrected immediately.  The seed of corruption will spread quickly if allowed to take root.

Be Dauntlessly Brave.  Legionaries must be fearless; their leaders are no exception.  Courage in action as well as in character is vital for success.  Faith is our shield, however the mental strength to drive forward when our mind tells us to stop is a quality, which must be cultivated in training and reinforced in battle.  Always from the front, always without fail.

Be Decisive:  Our enemy offers little room for second guessing on the battlefield.  Leaders must make the best decision possible with the information they are given in seconds not hours.  Even a wrong decision can save lives for as it is enacted upon it can be corrected quickly.  An absence of direction can leave a unit squandering and spell its doom.

Anticipate the Enemy:  A leader should always be thinking, evaluating, planning, improvising, and second guessing his strategy.  Battlefields ebb and flow like and unpredictable tide.  However to the observant eye quality leaders can see what the enemy and friendly formations are planning on doing thusly ensuring they are in the right place.

Have Emotional and Physical Stamina:  Each of us has been pulled from the normal routines of everyday life into a war in which when we arrived together, we were woefully unprepared to fight.  With the passage of time we have improved, however our operational temp will always be very high.  Personal time, commitments to training, missions, family and faith will push each of us to our limit.  There are only 24 hours in any given day.  Ensure our legionaries are taking care of themselves and each other.  To be a leader is to be in the role constantly.  Each of us must adapt, and support one another, for we don’t know when this war will end.   

Display Tenacity:  To charge into the hordes of the damned takes a special bread of legionnaire.  To lead men and women in such circumstances requires tenacious action.  Timidity in the face of the fallen will invite defeat.  Violence of action, intermingled with an ever-steadfast need to push onward will see Hell’s legions on their heels.  Even when we break contact with the enemy, we must flank, and strike again. 

Be Dependable:  The totality of our numbers seems high.  144,000 saints at first glance seems an imposing force.  However we operate amongst a population of billions.  We cannot afford leaders who do not accomplish what they are ordered to do or what they have given their word will be completed.

Own Your Success and Failure:  There is never a perfect solution in combat.  We train, plan and rehearse and even still there will be accidents, mistakes and failures.  Leaders must take ownership of these circumstances as they arise.  For those at the head of their elements must assume the mantle for everything their subordinates do or fail to do. 

Be Empathic:  Leaders will endure every hardship their warriors do.  Only then can they truly strive to make the lives of those under their care better.  Those under our care are not there to serve our needs, but rather leaders are in their position to work for their subordinates ensuring their basic needs are met so that they may always endure.

Display Self Confidence:  Those chosen to fill the ranks stand apart from humanity as something special.  The leaders of those chosen few are even more unique.  Carry yourself with the poise of a conquer yet speak with the humility of a saint.

Sacrifice Self Above All:  As a leader, those in your care must be utmost in your thoughts.  There will be things required of leaders, which are not overly desirable.  These events, actions, or situations will never be passed on to your subordinates.  You have been chosen to lead from the front, and carry more than others, because you can endure what others cannot.       

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