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A Brief History of The Legion

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     The beginnings of the Legion can be traced to a simple incident deep in man kinds past.  The fall of the Tower of Babel accomplished many thing; one of them being the establishment of the saints blood line and a personal change from the man upstairs to represent all of humanity during times of true hopelessness.  

     The history of the Legion is vast.  Through our bet efforts we have been able to track down most of the key players who were influential in establishing the very first gathering of the first call of saints.  Our numerical designation has two meanings.  First it is an honorific for the very first Angelic Legion to fall from the taint of sin and the loss of life during the early angelic wars against the First Born.  The second purpose is to remind the legionaries that we joined the war after it had been in progress.  The last legion to enter the fight for creation.  This numerical connotation does not devalue our standing amongst the other legions, but rather it elevates it to the forefront.  Our involvement is the game changer creation is depending on.

    The battle between light and darkness has transpired since the beginning.  With such a long history it is important to remember to point out two key aspects.  Some of your peers may comment on a certain resentment our presence generates from our allies, but they are not the ones who have brought us into this fight.  Always keep in mind who wants us involved. 

    I will be up front about the way ahead.  It is very uncertain.  Our ancestors have existed in the Babylonian, Assyrian, Parthian, Roman, and Ashikaya Empires (to name just a few) and our exact purpose is still clouded in uncertainty. Only one thing seems to be absolute, war is coming.  Not against an earthly ideology but one which will determine the outcome for all creation.   Our enemy is vigilant and possesses a delusion that they are on the side which champions humanity. This has been ht case for every conflict mankind has ever been in.  Each side believes in their actions.  What we face no is no different.  

    Our way ahead is volatile, treacherous, and difficult to discern.  To have any reasonable chance of success we must all stand together, always remember our importance to the eternal equation, and our enemy will stop at nothing to see us fail.  This legion has stood at the edge of Hell twelve times before.  While in its history the saints have had the ability to influence the enemies global agenda it hasn’t been pessary.  Influencing humanity on a large scale has been very challenging.  Until now.

    We live in an age where the manipulation of all mankind is very possible.  Our predecessors enjoyed a luxury of taking the fight to the enemy in one geographic location.  With todays world being connected I fear our task will be greater.  IN the past each of our seven stronghold locations were italicized as staining areas for the saints to gather and live during their time of conflict.  Our tactics will be different. These areas will act as subterranean fortifications for us to launch our own operations.  Our tactics will be different; we will conduct simultaneous operations from these locations in order to keep the enemy off balance and spread out.  

    We must strive to remember that we are not at war with all of humanity.  There will be many times that it will feel that way but mankind as a whole doesn’t have all the information.  They must remain ignorant of the truth to safe guar free will.  For their salvation to remain intact they must choose where they wish to spend eternity.  It is a personal choice, but one that must be made free of influence.  The world is going to be unkind to us, just remember they act in ignorance.  Their inability to see our truth path doest alter our task.  The end is upon us, grab your armor, your weapon and your faith for the wolves are at the door. 

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